Rough set theory is a mathematical approach to imperfect knowledge. The near set approach leads to partitions of ensembles of sample objects with measurable information content and an approach to feature selection. In this paper, we apply the previous results of Bagirmaz [Appl. Algebra Engrg. Comm. Comput., 30(4) (2019) 285-29] and [Davvaz et al., Near approximations in rings. AAECC (2020).] to module theory. We introduce the notion of near approximations in a module over a ring, which is an extended notion of a rough approximations in a module presented in [B. Davvaz and M. Mahdavipour, Roughness in modules, Information Sciences, 176 (2006) 3658-3674]. Then we define the lower and upper near submodules and investigate their properties.

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