In cellular networks, while the motivation behind all basic channel assignment strategies is the better utilization of the available frequency spectrum with the consequent reduction of the call blocking probability in each cell, very few of them deal with the problem of non-uniform traffic demand in different cells which may lead to a gross imbalance in the system performance. Mobile users in hot cells (the cells with heavy traffic loads) may suffer from low throughput due to the load imbalance problem. In this paper, we propose a cost effective and simple load balancing scheme that can effectively reduce the overall call blocking. A common set of channels are determined dynamically which can be used simultaneously in all the cells. Cell tiers with different radii are used to cope with the interference introduced by using same set of channels simultaneously in all cells. The performance of the proposed scheme is presented in terms of call blocking probability and channel utilization. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme can reduce the call blocking significantly in highly congested cell.

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