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Public Services in Construction Sector and Waste Management in SR


The issue of public interest is regulated by the legislation of the Slovak Republic, which addresses services provided in the public interest in specific fields. One of these areas is also the provision of services in the construction sector, while these competencies were transferred by the Act no. 416/2001 Coll. from the state administration to self-government - municipalities and each municipality became a building authority. The problem, however, is that mostly small building offices have existential problems with the performance of this delegated competence, as the basis of their existence - financial resources for this competence- are insufficient. The way out of this unfavourable situation in this case could be the adoption of new legislation consisting of legally defined seats of joint building offices. When investigating the construction competencies of municipalities, we also encounter a solution for waste management (since it is also one of the competencies transferred to municipalities, but only partially). Municipalities are burdened by insufficient legislative specification of sorting biodegradable municipal waste from mixed municipal waste and subsequently an alternative in practice - waste sorting by citizens themselves. The population is dissatisfied with the amount of the fee for the collection and removal of municipal and small construction waste. In order to avoid paying fees for the storage of small construction waste, municipal residents export it to black dumps, which is in conflict with the EU and Slovak legislation in the field of waste management, whereas this type of waste can be the basic material for new, especially construction, materials.