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Dimension of Justice in Restorative Justice Paradigm in the Criminal System for Sexual Violence in Indonesia


The act of sexual violence is a crime that is classified as a violation of human rights (HAM). The increase number of sexual violence cases in the world, including Indonesia, shows that the current justice system is unable to guarantee justice for victims, and most importantly recovery for victims. For this reason, a justice restoration approach is needed as an alternative in law enforcement against sexual crimes. Practically, marriage used as a way to approach justice restoration. This article used normative and juridical approach to discuss law enforcement on sexual crimes through restorative justice approach. It can be concluded that law enforcement on sexual crimes should observe based on criminology, victimology and ontology aspects, in order to be able to place the problem objectively. As a complaint offense, sexual crimes may not be passed on to criminal process, if there is peace between the victim and the perpetrator, provided that there is an agreement among the victim, perpetrator, family and society without coercion from various parties. The main focus in restorative justice of sexual crimes is to provide protection and assistance to victims from various parties, thus, the victims can be released from trauma or psychological impact that caused by sexual violence experienced by the victim or the impact received after the occurrence of sexual crime.