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Spatial Analysis of Erosion and Quantification of Soil Losses in Western Algeria


The objective of this study is to establish a soil loss map of a region located in western Algeria allowing the spatialization of erosion models, deposition, and quantification of soil loss. The model applied is Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE), wich was developed by Wischmeier and Smith. The map of current soil losses derived from it shows five areas: very low, low, medium, strong, and very strong. The significant loss in soil areas is located in most of the south of the area, the upstream mountains part, and a portion to the northwest of the region. They cover an area of 16,805 ha (15.27%) of the study area. The remainder of area constituting unrigged flat terrain accounts for a loss in low soil. The latter receives all the solid contributions which are deposited there constituting an important deposit.

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