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An Analysis of the Impact of E-Commerce Supply Chain Collaboration on the Ecological Environment in Central Plain


In recent years, the ecological environment has been severely damaged and has evolved into a problem threatening human health due to the construction of the ecological environment. Therefore, studying the eco-environmental (ecological environment) issues in the process of the new eco-environment is of great significance to the comprehensive development of the region. The basic research framework of this article is to ask questions, analyse problems and solve problems. With the rise of e-commerce media platforms as the background, we use case studies and in-depth interviews to discuss the characteristics of the ecological crisis of e-commerce media platforms and analyse them in depth. This paper takes the new ecological environment as the research background, selects six major cities in the Central Plains as the research objects, and digs deep to find out the current ecological and environmental problems in the Central Plains. By citing the PSR (Pressure-State-Response) model, we construct the initial pressure and use the factor analysis method to determine the evaluation index model of the 16 sub-indices. Finally, we use the entropy method to standardise the original indicators. We determine the index weights, etc., to analyse the level of the ecological environment of the six cities. At the same time, this article evaluates the ecological environment in the process of the new ecological environment in the Central Plains. First, an evaluation index system is established, and then the evaluation index weight is determined to obtain the order of the ecological environment problems. According to the total score value of ecological environment quality, for different areas, comprehensive ecological environment zoning is proposed so that resources can be better and rationally developed and utilised. The ecological environment of mining areas is protected and improved to the maximum extent. At the same time, the mine ecological environment monitoring work plan is formulated; the construction of ecological restoration is proposed for areas (mine parks, geological parks, forest parks, and ecological parks). Through organisational structure adjustment and overall supply chain optimisation, relevant feasible solutions are proposed, and examples are given to illustrate the optimisation effects; the part summarises the significance of this research and the main existing problems and proposes future research recommendations. In the context of the new ecological environment, analysing the current situation of the ecological environment in the Central Plains, identifying the ecological and environmental problems in the process of the ecological environment, and proposing corresponding solutions based on the problems are conducive to the development of the new ecological environment in the Central Plains.