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The Effect of Sustainable Leadership Behaviors of School Principals on Teachers’ Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction

   | May 29, 2021


Sustainable leadership is a field of research in which a lot of research has been done recently. In this study, the effects of sustainable leadership behaviors of school principals on teachers’ organizational commitment and job satisfaction were examined based on teachers’ opinions. The sample of the study consists of 338 teachers working in three districts of Istanbul. Sustainable Leadership Scale, Organizational Commitment Scale and Job Satisfaction Scale were used in the research. Research data were analysed by arithmetic mean, standard deviation, correlation analysis and stepwise regression analysis. According to the findings, teachers’ organizational commitment, job satisfaction, and their perceptions regarding sustainable leadership behaviors of school principals were found to be at a high level. As a result of the stepwise regression analyses, the economic sustainability sub-dimension of the sustainable leadership scale was found to predict teachers’ job satisfaction. On the other hand, it was determined that the managerial and social sustainability sub-dimensions significantly predicted teachers’ organizational commitment. The findings obtained were discussed in the light of the related literature and suggestions were presented.

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