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Methods to Determine Phytopharmaceuticals in Tobacco and Tobacco Products. 4th Report: A Procedure to Determine Vamidothion and its Metabolites/Methoden zur Bestimmung von Phytopharmaka in Tabak und Tabakerzeugnissen: IV. Mitteilung: Ein Bestimmungsverfahren fuer Vamidothion und seine Metaboliten


Based on previous work (7) a method to simultaneously determine vamidothion [I], vamidothion-sulfoxide [II] and vamidothion sulfone [III] in tobacco has been developed. The compounds are extracted with water/acetone/acetic acid from the tobacco, cleansed over an aluminium oxide column and then determined on the gas chromatograph with the specific sulphur detector. Rates of recovery are 70 % - 92 %, the determination level is 0.1 ppm. Mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance data of vamidothion [I], vamidothion-sulfoxide [ II ] and vamidothion-sulfone [III] are given.

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