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Distribution and current status of mountain hawkweeds (Hieracium) populations in Mt. Králický Sněžník


Central European mountains are important diversity centers of the genus Hieracium. Here, we provide an account of the genus in supramontane to subalpine zones of summit parts of Mt. Králický Sněžník, based on a detailed field inventory in 2021 and 2022. Ten species were recorded (H. chrysostyloides, H. moravicum, H. nigritum, H. nivimontis, H. obscuratum, H. schustleri, H. stygium, H. uechtritzianum, H. murorum, H. lachenalii), of which two (H. moravicum a H. obscuratum) were found here for the first time. New data about their ecology and habitat requirements are given and causes of their threat are discussed. The study also contains a summary of historical data relating to the locality.

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