Records of 19 species of the dipteran families Bombyliidae (1 species), Mythicomyiidae (1 species), Therevidae (2 species), Empididae (3 species), Hybotidae (1 species), Dolichopodidae (8 species) and Syrphidae (3 species) from glacial sand deposits in the Czech Silesia (NE Czech Republic) are presented and their association with sandy habitats discussed. All of them are recorded from the Czech Silesia for the first time, 13 are new additions to the fauna of Moravia of which 9 are also new for the whole of the Czech Republic. Dialineura anilis (Linnaeus, 1761) (Therevidae) and Schistostoma truncatum (Loew, 1864) (Dolichopodidae) are classified as psammobiont, 6 species as psammophilous, viz. Exhyalanthrax afer (Fabricius, 1794) (Bombyliidae), Cliorismia rustica (Panzer, 1804) (Therevidae), Cryptophlebs kerteszi Lichtwardt, 1898, Melanostolus melancholicus (Loew, 1869) (both Dolichopodidae) and Paragus constrictus Šimić, 1986 and Pelecocera tricincta Meigen, 1822 (Syrphidae), and 3 species as probably psammophilous, viz. Medetera annulitarsus von Roser, 1840, M. grunini Negrobov, 1966 and Sciapus basilicus Meuffels & Grootaert, 1990 (all Dolichopodidae). Medetera grunini is recorded for the first time from Europe and represents a new westernmost limit of its distribution range in the Palaearctic. New southernmost records of Rhamphomyia murina Collin, 1926 (Empididae) and Drapetis monsmargila Grootaert, Beuk & Shamshev, 2020 (Hybotidae) are also given.

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