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Methodology for Designing Cyber-Physical Multi-Operation Robot Systems Operating in the Conditions of Digital Robust Control


The article proposes an original interdisciplinary approach to the design and construction of cyber-physical robot systems for mechanical processing. From a methodological aspect, the goal is the unification of modeling/synthesis and simulation software of a robot system for mechanical processing operating under the conditions of digital robust control. The system includes industrial robots; modules for implementing technological operations and transport systems. Adherence to the principle of modular construction, reconfiguration, and multi-operation ensures high flexibility and quick response when readjusting the system, and the optimization criteria – minimizing idle moves of the robot, leads to a reduction in the work cycle. The robust control, simultaneously in the instrumental, configurational, and system direction, is a counteraction in the mode of uncertainty, both to external signal disturbances and to possible constantly acting, system reparametrizing factors. This creates prerequisites for maintaining and implementing in online mode both the technological and geometric parameters of the details processed.

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