An effective password cracking detection system is the honeyword system. The Honeyword method attempts to increase the security of hashed passwords by making password cracking easier to detect. Each user in the system has many honeywords in the password database. If the attacker logs in using a honeyword, a quiet alert trigger indicates that the password database has been hacked. Many honeyword generation methods have been proposed, they have a weakness in generating process, do not support all honeyword properties, and have many honeyword issues. This article proposes a novel method to generate honeyword using the meerkat clan intelligence algorithm, a metaheuristic swarm intelligence algorithm. The proposed generation methods will improve the honeyword generating process, enhance the honeyword properties, and solve the issues of previous methods. This work will show some previous generation methods, explain the proposed method, discuss the experimental results and compare the new one with the prior ones.

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