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VM Consolidation Plan for Improving the Energy Efficiency of Cloud


Achieving energy-efficiency with minimal Service Level Agreement (SLA) violation constraint is a major challenge in cloud datacenters owing to financial and environmental concerns. The static consolidation of Virtual Machines (VMs) is not much significant in recent time and has become outdated because of the unpredicted workload of cloud users. In this paper, a dynamic consolidation plan is proposed to optimize the energy consumption of the cloud datacenter. The proposed plan encompasses algorithms for VM selection and VM placement. The VM selection algorithm estimates power consumption of each VM to select the required VMs for migration from the overloaded Physical Machine (PM). The proposed VM allocation algorithm estimates the net increase in Imbalance Utilization Value (IUV) and power consumption of a PM, in advance before allocating the VM. The analysis of simulation results suggests that the proposed dynamic consolidation plan outperforms other state of arts.

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