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PS-PC: An Effective Method to Improve VoIP Technology Bandwidth Utilization over ITTP Protocol


Voice over IP (VoIP) wastes a valuable amount of bandwidth because of its large packet header size compared to its small packet payload. The main objective of this paper is to reduce the amount of this wasted bandwidth, by proposing a new packets coalescence method, called Payload Shrinking and Packets Coalesce (PS-PC). The proposed PS-PC method reduces the amount of the wasted bandwidth by i) coalesces a group of VoIP packets in one header instead of a separate header to each packet and ii) shrinks the VoIP packet payload to a smaller one based on a certain algorithm. The proposed PS-PC method is deployed at the sender side VoIP gateway that represents an exit point to a myriad number of simultaneous VoIP calls. The performance evaluation showed better bandwidth usage when deploying the proposed PS-PC method with ITTP protocol in comparison to the traditional ITTP protocol without the PS-PC method.

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Computer Sciences, Information Technology