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Using Decision Trees for Identification of Most Relevant Indicators for Effective ICT Utilization


This paper offers a brief overview of the research of ICT utilization and benefits of its usage. The results of several important studies conducted worldwide are presented. One of them is a study by the World Economic Forum that we use as the basis of our research. This study covers 134 countries, NRI (Network Readiness Index) is used as a parameter to distinguish the readiness of different countries to adopt ICT. NRI consists of 68 indicators that are organized into three groups. Each group describes one of the three main factors crucial for effective utilization of ICT: Environment, Readiness and Usage. The observed countries are divided into four groups (leaders, followers, league III and league IV) and classification by a decision tree is conducted. The decision tree method is applied to each of the three main factors and the results are presented by means of F1 measure.

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