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15 Dec 2015
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Investigating the Benefits and Barriers of Quality Assurance Management for Adequate Housing Delivery in Nigeria: An Empirical Overview

Published Online: 18 Apr 2022
Volume & Issue: Volume 10 (2022) - Issue 1 (January 2022)
Page range: 76 - 92
Journal Details
First Published
15 Dec 2015
Publication timeframe
1 time per year

Purpose: The process of housing delivery all over the world is confronted by multiple barriers resulting in houses that are short of clients’ expectations in terms of quality and overall standards. The inability of the house builders (contractors) to deliver quality housing normally occurs due to non-conformance to quality assurance principles and non-adherence to the key quality indicators. An assessment of recent developments and actions in the building industry that might help mitigate the identified barriers has been made in this study. Hence, skilful application of quality assurance principles to overcome quality barriers in housing delivery is essential. Methodology: The study has employed quantitative methods of data collection. Closed-ended questionnaires have been prepared and administered to building contractors in Akure, Nigeria. The collected quantitative data have been analysed with the aid of SPSS software, version 27. The results have been accordingly reported to ascertain the level of commitment made by building contractors on ensuring quality in housing delivery in Akure. Findings: Findings have revealed that building contractors are well conversant and knowledgeable about the probable benefits of implementing quality assurance in the housing delivery process. There are, however, obvious challenges and serious barriers that are militating against effective implementation of quality assurance measures in the housing delivery process such as engaging unskilled labour force. Recommendation: The study recommends that a pre-assessment of the workforce be made to establish their level of knowledge and competencies on quality assurance management principles. Originality and value: Creation of “quality assurance consciousness” for the housing industry will result in quality housing delivery to the satisfaction of all end users and the general public.


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