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15 Dec 2012
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A Comparative Study of Un-Doped ZnO and in Doping ZnO Thin Films with Various Concentrations, Subjected to Appropriate UHV Treatment and Characterized by Sensitive Spectroscopy Techniques XPS, AES, Reels and PL

Published Online: 12 Mar 2022
Volume & Issue: AHEAD OF PRINT
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Received: 01 Nov 2021
Accepted: 22 Feb 2022
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First Published
15 Dec 2012
Publication timeframe
1 time per year

In this study, we use complementary and sensitive experimental techniques XPS (X-rays Photoelectron Spectroscopy), AES (Auger Electron Spectroscopy, REELS (Reflection Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy) and PL (photoluminescence) to investigate and compare the chemical, structure, electronic and optical properties of Un-doped ZnO (UZO) and Indium-doped ZnO (IZO) (4% In; 6% In) thin films. Spray method is used for the growth of these thin films on Si substrate. A treatment process UHV (Ultra-High -Vacuum: Ar+ sputtering followed by checked successive heating until 650°C) is performed. XPS and AES results allow to confirm the clean state of samples and the incorporation of indium into the ZnO matrix to form chemical species of (In-O-Zn) type. The recorded REELS spectra at different primary energies and the PL measurements justify that the UHV treatment plays an important role to improve the physical structure of IZO (6% In).


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