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Do Social Interactions Really Moderate Job Productivity in Coworking Spaces?


A coworking space is a setup of bringing together independent professionals who do not work for the same company. This study aims to determine the impact of the coworking space environment and of social interactions on the job productivity of coworkers, as well as the influence of social interactions in the relation of coworking space environment and job productivity. A positive significant relationship was found between the coworking space environment and job productivity as well as between social interactions and job productivity. Moreover, the moderating variable “social interactions” strengthens the relationship between coworking environment and job productivity. The findings of the study highlight the importance of coworking spaces as a source of social interactions among freelancers and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, human resource managers and corporate office managers can use this study to help their staff operate in a more flexible and productive setting.

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Business and Economics, Political Economics, Economic Theory, Systems and Structures