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Effects of the reward of internal migration on poverty status of rural households left behind in Ogun and Osun States, Nigeria


In this study we analysed the effect of the reward of internal migration on the poverty status of rural households in South-West Nigeria. The types and channels of internal remittances received by rural households as well as the poverty profile and effect of internal remittances on the poverty status of rural households in South-West, Nigeria were assessed. Structured questionnaire was used to obtain primary data from respondents. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics, Multidimensional Poverty Index and Binary Logit regression. Findings revealed that 56.2% of the household heads were male, 67.4% were married, 42.3% had primary education and 58.3% received internal remittances through personal delivery (69%) with a mean age and household size of 55 years and 5 persons, respectively. However, based on Multidimensional Poverty Index benchmark of 0.333, 80.0% of the rural households were poor with a poverty intensity of 0.863. Binary Logit showed that age squared, remittance receipt, rearing of small livestock and farm size increased households’ likelihood of escaping poverty. In conclusion, internal remittances reduced poverty of rural households in the study area and as such continuous flow of remittances into rural households should be enhanced in order to facilitate improved standard of living.

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