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Germination of common winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) treated with unconventional preparations

   | Aug 05, 2021


The study was conducted in the laboratory of the Agricultural Institute of Shumen. The germination energy and germination of winter wheat variety Venka 1 are reported following the adopted methodology. The germination energy was recorded on the fourth day of the experiment, and the germination and measurement of the coleoptile – on the eighth day. 10 granules of the following homeopathic preparations are pre-dissolved in distilled water: Calcium sulfuricum 6 D, Thallium sulfuricum 6 D, Sulfur, Graphites 6 D, Selenium, Ferrum metallicum 10 D, Magneziun fluoratum 10 D, Arsenicum album 12 D, Causticum Hanenmanni 30 D, Zincum metalicum 30 D.

The tested homeopathic preparations have no proven effect on the germination energy and germination of seeds in wheat variety Venka 1. The variants treated with the homeopathic preparations Thallium sulfuricum and Sulfur have been proven to exceed the standard one in terms of coleoptile length. Тhis work will serve as a basis the study of other homeopathic preparations to determine their impact on uniform germination and their aftereffect on plant growth.

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