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Impact of variety and extraction process on physico-chemical and sensory characteristics of virgin olive oil


The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of variety and extraction system on the physico-chemical and sensorial characteristics of olive oils produced from three dominant varieties of Algeria (Azeradj, Chemlal and Sigoise). The olive oils were extracted by three different processes (pressure system, two-phase centrifugation and traditional process). Physicochemical parameters including free acidity, peroxide value, absorbance in ultra violet (K232, K270, ΔK) and sensory evaluation were studied. The results show that free acidity, peroxyde value and K270 were influenced by the extraction system and variety. Olive oils obtained from the two phases centrifugation and Chemlal cultivar were characterized by higher oxidative stability. Sensory characteristics of olive oils were mainly influenced by the variety and extraction system. Olive oils obtained from the two phases centrifugation, traditional cold process and Sigoise variety were characterized by the lower mean values of negative attributes.

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