In this study, phenolic compounds from Crithmum maritimum L. n-butanol soluble fraction were quantified and identified spectrophotometrically and by using HPLC-DAD technics. They equally investigated for their antioxidant potential utilizing six in vitro assays: DPPH, ABTS•+, O2•−, Bleaching of β-carotene in linoleic acid, CUPRAC and Ferric reducing power. High amounts of total phenolics and flavonoids were recorded: 161.57± 0.479 μg−1 and 31.56± 0.291 μg−1 respectively. Nine compounds among them hydroxicinnamic acid and hydroxybenzoic acid derivatives, coumarins and flavonoids were identified. Chlorogenic acid known for their various pharmacological properties was detected as major compound of the extract. Rutin, vanillin, trans-2-hydroxycinnamic acid, ellagic acid, ferrulic acid, 6,7 dihydroxy coumarin, methyl 1,4 benzoquinone and trans-cinnamic acid were also detected. The extract was found to exhibit strong antioxidant capacities in all systems. Based on these results, it is right to conclude the n-butanol extract is promising source of natural antioxidants.

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