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Effectiveness Evaluation of Use of Various Protein Feeds for Broiler Chicken Feeding


The purpose of this paper was to assess the suitability of various protein feeds in broiler chicken feeding. The study covered 160 birds split into 5 equipotent groups (SBM, EFFS, RFFS, EL, DDGS). Four protein feeds were an experimental factor: extruded full-fat soybean (EFFS group), raw full-fat soybean (RFFS group), extruded lupine (EL group) and distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS group) that were added to starter rations in an amount replacing 30%, and in grower and finisher rations 50% of extracted soybean meal protein. Results showed that after replacing an identical amount of extracted soybean meal protein with protein from extruded soybean or DDGS in chicken rations, the final body weight and feed conversion ratio were similar to those of birds from the control group. Deterioration (P≤0.01) in the above-mentioned parameters was observed for chickens fed with rations containing raw soybean or extruded lupine. Birds that were given rations containing raw soybean (RFFS group) were characterized by the lowest dressing percentage, and, compared to the control group, the difference was significant (P≤0.01). The type of protein feed contained in the rations did not affect the musculature of chickens, however it did impact their fat deposition. Fat deposition was the lowest in birds from RFFS and DDGS groups that reached the lowest final body weight. Microscopic images of all examined livers showed a normal histological structure. The results of the studies carried out provide a basis for recommending the use of extruded full-fat soybean or DDGS in broiler chicken rations as partial substitutes for extracted soybean meal protein.

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