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Evaluation of Foals Sired by Stallions Belonging to Various Classes of Descent / Ocena Źrebiąt Po Ogierach O Różnym Pochodzeniu

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Annals of Animal Science
Issue Editors: Magdalena Bielska, Jerzy Pilawski, Katarzyna Skupniewicz


The evaluation concerned the progeny born to Polish pedigree stallions, to Polish-born stallions by imported sires, and to stallions imported to Poland. All traits (type, body conformation and development, health status and movement) were evaluated on a point scale. A highly significant effect of stallion on his progeny evaluation was observed. The highest mean for the total points in foal evaluation was noted for the offspring of imported sires. That class differed highly significantly from the foals by Polish-origin stallions and the foals by Polish-born stallions with imported sires. The gathered results clearly show the changes in purpose type over the years, and, consequently, in horse conformation. Horses have been becoming more noble in type, and their competitive potential has been increasing.

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Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Zoology, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine