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Modeling Analysis of User Consumption Data of Internet Culture Industry in the Context of Emerging Technologies

   | Apr 28, 2023


In the context of the prosperity of the Internet economy and the progress of the cultural industry, the Internet cultural industry is expanding in a big way based on the economic development of the cultural industry, supported by the Internet technology platform and serving the cultural and spiritual experience of consumers. The Internet cultural industry is gradually becoming the backbone of the country’s comprehensive strength for the amount. The Internet to boost the development of China’s cultural industry and cultural export to the outside has become a general trend. In 2018 China’s Internet cultural industry added value accounted for the first time exceeded 3 trillion of GDP, and the added value of the Internet cultural industry in 2021 further increased to 6.63% of GDP. Thus, it can be seen that the share of Wen Internet culture industry in China’s GDP is a steady upward trend and the future development is clear. This paper uses the vector autoregressive model to model and analyze the cultural consumption data of Internet users, and the analysis results show that in 2021, China’s Internet cultural consumption mainly tends to music and video, games, literature, animation, and online cultural content information services in five areas, among which games account for 36.52% of the total Internet cultural consumption. Due to the improvement of China’s comprehensive strength, the difference in CPI of Internet culture consumption between urban and rural groups in China is 11, and the gap is gradually narrowing, and the countryside will be a big new market in the future. The Internet group culture user group as a whole tends to be younger, with the student group accounting for 26% of the user group. Based on the analysis of this study, it is concluded that Internet cultural consumption tends to be young, cultural innovation is the main driving force to promote consumption, and future development is unstoppable.

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