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English Intelligent Question Answering System Based on elliptic fitting equation


The elliptic equation intelligent question answering system based on the elliptic equation intelligent question answering system is an intelligent device that combines natural language and data retrieval technology. Knowledge domains used for different purposes are divided into open domains and restricted domains. In order to simplify the existing knowledge of English intelligence answer and elliptic algebra and reduce the efficiency of the questionnaire, a similar algorithm is designed and implemented in the process of English intelligence answer, and the method of distance ellipse switching is adopted. The experimental results show that the accuracy of the questionnaire answering the questions described in this paper is 17% higher than that of general research answers, which confirms the authenticity of the questionnaire algorithm mentioned in this paper. The system not only provides accurate answers to English questions for primary school students, but also plays an important role in the cultivation of English question and answer skills in primary and secondary schools.

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