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Construction of Intelligent Search Engine for Big Data Multimedia Resource Subjects Based on Partial Least Squares Structural Equation


The equivalence of the research model is used as part of least squares to construct an intelligent search engine for large multimedia files. First of all, based on the intelligent design of big data analysis, optimize the search engine mode and create a good search environment. According to the research on big data technology, the application value of big data in intelligent search engine is analyzed, and a better search engine system is built on this basis. The basic theory of comparative modeling is also investigated. Then, on the big data management platform of Siping Fire Bureau, the operation of the big data search engine is identified according to the difference of evolutionary algorithms. Experiments show that the big data search engine, as part of the least squares structural equation algorithm, also improves user satisfaction, which is considered below. From the big data search engine, according to the difference of the evolutionary algorithm, the return time, return value and cost are improved, and the search itself can be effectively and accurately realized.

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