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Application of Numerical Computation of Partial Differential Equations in Interactive Design of Virtual Reality Media


Virtual reality technology is an important direction of information technology development in the world today, and it has a wide range of applications in scientific research, teaching field and medical treatment. With the continuous development of computer technology, virtual reality technology has become one of the hot spots of research today, and it plays an important role in the virtual world. There are many ways to simulate the real earth environment at home and abroad. For example: using models for simulation, combining the results of simulation with the actual situation; identifying problems and solving them through the analysis of experimental phenomena and data, all these means can achieve good results, etc. However, the conclusions obtained by these means are often based on a large number of repeated experiments, while the actual situation is often complex and variable. When studying the design of virtual reality media interaction in this context, various factors need to be considered to have an impact on the results. In this paper, through the study of virtual reality training calculation system, using MATLAB, the prototype of partial differential equation numerical calculation, the application of the model in the virtual reality system has theoretical significance, at the same time this is also the basic method that can be referred to when studying practical problems.

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