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Leakage control of urban water supply network and mathematical analysis and location of leakage points based on machine learning


In order to solve the common problems of high leakage rate of urban water supply network and controlling water supply enterprises, a multi index system of leakage evaluation is proposed. The first step in leakage assessment is to recommend non profitable water volume, rather than just based on the percentage of leakage rate (the calculation mode of percentage is easily disturbed by the change of water volume); Advanced indicators also need to consider factors such as pipe network conditions, pressure and the number of user connections; If possible, it is recommended to calculate the leakage index (ILI) of water supply network in line with international standards, and through this index, determine the leakage classification of water supply system according to the target matrix provided by the world bank, so as to formulate corresponding leakage control countermeasures, and finally form a set of leakage performance evaluation system of urban water supply system combined with the actual situation of our country. Experiments have proved that among users with large caliber and large water volume, the promotion of electromagnetic remote transmission water meter should be strengthened to improve the metering capacity of water meter. Since 2014, non household meters above Dn40 in the company's new household installation project have adopted electromagnetic remote transmission water meters. At the same time, strengthen the remote monitoring and management of large-diameter water meters. Through remote transmission, we can grasp the changes of users' water use in real time, and realize the three-level early warning of sudden change of water volume through the mining of remote transmission data.

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