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Video adaptive watermark embedding and detection algorithm based on phase function equation


In order to improve the video watermark embedding strength and balance the transparency of the watermark system, this paper proposes a combination of all phase Biorthogonal Transform and watermark embedding to complete the experiment. Firstly, the all phase biorthogonal transform is described. Referring to the construction process of APBT, combined with APDF and DST, a new all phase biorthogonal transform, all phase discrete sinusoidal biorthogonal transform (APDSBT), is proposed. This paper makes full use of MPEG-2 compression format to embed watermark directly in DCT domain. The low-frequency coefficients in the DCT block of the brightness space of I frame are selected as the watermark embedding space. The brightness component of each image block is transformed by two-dimensional DCT in the unit of 8×8 image blocks. By introducing the idea of energy receiver into the detection of digital watermark, the following correlation detector can be obtained. Implemented with MATIAB and VC + +. In the experiment, the foreman video test sequence is used as the watermark carrier, and the copyright logo image designed by ourselves is used as the watermark image to test the video watermarking system. The results show that when the coding rate is 3Mvps, the accuracy of each plane is 100%, 98.48%, 98.12% and 96.27% respectively. When the coding rate is 2.6Mvps, the accuracy of each plane is 100%, 96.38%, 94.87% and 95.21% respectively. This algorithm selects the frame of video to embed watermark. On the premise of ensuring video quality, this algorithm is robust to common video watermark attacks (MPEG compression, frame loss, frame clipping and frame rearrangement).

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