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Study on spatial planning and design of learning commons in university libraries based on fuzzy matrix model


Campus university library as a spiritual force, in the development of social economy and science and technology innovation, according to the requirements of education management research scholars and students growth changes proposed learning Shared space, the effective integration of space, resources, service as one of the new construction idea, not only makes the university library become more perfect effective, It can also enhance the cohesion and innovation of internal operation. Nowadays, with the increase of the number of university libraries around the country, the scale of internal construction is getting bigger and bigger, and the planning and design of learning shared space based on university libraries has become the focus of scientific research. In essence, learning shared space, as a seamless learning environment, begins to innovate toward intellectualization and modernization while transforming the functional role of university libraries. In this article, therefore, learn about the current university library, on the basis of Shared space planning and design content, according to the fuzzy matrix model, analysis of the application of image retrieval algorithm is verified, the final results show that in the university library to promote learning sharing space, can not only meet the diverse needs of the readers, you can also change the traditional mode of the library service.

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