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Research on classification of e-commerce customers based on BP neural network

   | Dec 01, 2022


With the development of e-commerce technology, the relationship between enterprises and customers has been completely changed. The core management concept of enterprises has gradually transformed from ‘product-centred’ to ‘customer-centred’. Adopting effective methods to classify customers, implementing different management and marketing schemes of customer retention and customer upgrading will play an important role in promoting the development of e-commerce enterprises. Therefore, the classification of e-commerce customers based on Back Propagation (BP) neural network is studied in this work. Firstly, the theoretical basis of customer classification is summarised in the Introduction and theoretical part. Then, a classification index system of the e-commerce customer is constructed, and on this basis, a classification model of the e-commerce customer based on the BP neural network is constructed. Finally, the results of classification are analysed with related data.

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