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Paris panxiensis, a new combination of Trilliaceae from Sichuan, China


This article describes and illustrates Paris panxiensis (J. L. Liu) Y. Yuan & J. L. Liu from a morphological perspective, based on field survey, indoor potting and garden cultivation, and observations gleaned from these activities. This variety is closely related to P. delavayi Franch, P. daliensis H. Li et V. G. Soukup, P. lihengiana G. W. Hu & Q. F. Wang and P. polyphylla Smith var. stenophylla Franch, but differs from these in having the following characteristics: flower parts with a basic number of 4–8, petals far shorter than sepals, linear-virgate, bottom linear, gradually thickening upward, erect, never extend or curved, apex rounded or obtuse, and connectivum projecting.

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