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Research on the construction of rural interface style based on aesthetic rules


The form and overall style of rural settlements are the carrier of the rural regional context and aesthetics. At present, China’s rural areas are facing a disorderly style and urbanisation. This study is based on similarity aesthetic regularity and visual aesthetic regularity; on the one hand, this work researches the method of building interface coordination from the aspects of form, material and colour, and puts forward the interface construction method of strong contrast, medium contrast and weak contrast according to the rural areas. On the other hand, this study analyses people’s perception characteristics of the style from the visual psychological level, explains the skills for the rural interface and sequence arrangement based on the relationship between visual matching and the bottom of the picture and constructs the aesthetic image under the new overall relationship of the place. Finally, this study puts forward a series of strategies for rural style construction, such as symbol concatenation, contrast reconstruction and aesthetic conflict transformation, to constructing a new aesthetic image of place so as to provide ideas and methods for the development of the rural style in the future.

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