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Study on structural parameter design and life analysis of large four-point contact ball bearing channel


Because of its large structure and strong bearing capacity, large rolling bearings are mainly used on low-speed and heavy-duty occasions. At present, the analysis and Research on large rolling bearings include load distribution, bearing capacity, bearing service life and bearing structure optimisation. Taking the large four-point contact bearing as an example, this performance studies the method of channel structure parameter design and life analysis. First, the structure and simplified model of four-point contact ball bearings are designed, and then the life analysis and calculation model is defined through analysis. Through the analysis of bearing finite element calculation results, the parameter optimisation of bearing channel spacing and channel curvature radius coefficient is studied, and the parameter design is carried out. Finally, the fatigue life analysis shows that the calculation result of the stress life model is 1.699 times that of strain life. The research results have guiding significance for the design of large four-point contact ball bearing and its supporting structure.

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