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Construction of Financial Risk Evaluation Index System for Biomass Graphene Fibre Industrialisation Project

   | Dec 23, 2022


In this paper, the biomass graphene fibre industrialisation project is taken as the research object. Moreover, the development characteristics of the project in the field of industrial application and the financial status of the current company are taken into comprehensive consideration. The financial data from 2014 to 2018 are selected for quantitative analysis. First of all, this paper specifically divides the risk into four dimensions, depending upon the project’s financial status, which involves financing risk, investment risk, business risk, and other risks These are analyzed and studied from the internal and external causes of enterprise risk. Secondly, by comparing various research methods, the author chooses the TOPSIS entropy weight method suitable for H Company to analyse its data in the past 5 years and identifies the main risk points faced by enterprises in the industry according to entropy weight. The results show that the risk index for each year is: 2017 > 2021 > 2019 > 2020 > 2018. In early 2017, the average financial status of all companies in the development of the whole project industry was at the bottom point, but in 2015, there was a huge improvement in the financial situation, and in 2019, it stabilised after the decline of the average safety index. At the same time, the average total assets of each company in the biomass graphene fibre industrialisation project showed an increasing trend from 2017 to 2021, with the most significant increase in 2019 (514.135 million yuan), an increase of 119.14% compared to 2018. Thirdly, the average value of debt also reached the highest in 2019, with the value of debt reaching 383.248 million yuan, an increase of 427.54% compared to 2018. The risk assessment system proposed in this paper provides good guidance for the risk assessment of biomass graphene fibre industrialisation projects.

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