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Application of intelligent teaching resource organisation model and construction of performance evaluation model

 and    | Aug 24, 2022


In the construction of intelligent teaching resources, a large number of resources are collected to meet the teaching needs, and its organisational structure, resource content and teaching quality are not fully recognised. At present, there are few studies on the performance evaluation of intelligent teaching, and the research angles are also different. Based on this, this paper constructs the application performance evaluation model of intelligent teaching resource organisation mode. Based on the simple analysis of intelligent teaching research and the development of big data mining algorithm, this paper uses data mining algorithm to realise resource mining, uses ant colony algorithm and association rules to mine information, carries out student evaluation on this basis, and uses ID3 algorithm to construct decision tree to analyse the main factors affecting teaching. Then the performance evaluation model is built, and the concept of fuzzy mathematics is introduced to realise the comprehensive evaluation based on analytic hierarchy process. Finally, simulation tests and experiments are used to analyse the effectiveness of the algorithm and the application of the model. The results show that the data mining algorithm based on association rules can mine more information and shorten the running time. The performance evaluation model based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation can be applied to the evaluation of intelligent teaching, find the shortcomings in teaching, and confirm the effectiveness of the model.

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