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Mathematical Methodology in the Seismic Resilience Evaluation of the Water Supply System


This paper has collected more than one hundred papers about resilience at home and abroad, summarised and analysed the meaning and evaluation methods of resilience and then summarised the key issues. Through research on these papers, we found that the current evaluation method for the water supply system seismic resilience is divided into two aspects: on the one hand, it’s based on the seismic performance of water supply system, where the system itself evaluates the resilience absorbs the earthquake resistance level. On the other hand, the assessment is based on the post-earthquake recovery ability of the water supply system, namely the recovery time, recovery degree, recovery path and the resilience level of resources input. Based on past seismic safety of the water supply system and research on post-earthquake recovery ability, the meaning of water supply system in seismic resilience should include two aspects of seismic safety and post-earthquake recovery ability. From using the seismic safety evaluation method also and post-earthquake recovery ability in two angles, this paper gives a comprehensive multiple evaluation index framework of the evaluation model and points out that water system earthquake state resilience evaluative criteria and the requirements of the current seismic code should match.

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