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Intelligent Recommendation System for English Vocabulary Learning – Based on Crowdsensing

   | Jun 15, 2022


With the advent of the artificial intelligence era, the traditional methods of online learning can no longer meet people’s personalised needs. Take the English vocabulary memory APP, which is widely used in the market of learning software, as an example. At present, there are various factors that make it difficult for learners to improve their learning efficiency, reduce their learning enthusiasm and enhance their learning effects. Therefore, in this paper, the application of machine learning algorithm in intelligent recommendation of English vocabulary learning is studied, and an intelligent recommendation system for English vocabulary learning based on crowdsensing is established. In its functional module, machine learning algorithms such as clustering algorithm, word vector training and collaborative filtering recommendation are used to realise the intelligent recommendation in the system. Finally, accurate resources of recommendation for user groups with different needs, interest characteristics and abilities improves the efficiency of English vocabulary learning.

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