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Evaluation of Factors Influencing Energy Consumption in Water Injection System Based on Entropy Weight-Grey Correlation Method


In order to determine the importance of influencing factors of energy consumption in oilfield water injection systems, the distribution of energy loss in the water injection system was analyzed, the factors affecting the energy consumption of the water injection system were determined, and an evaluation index system for the energy consumption of the water injection system was established. This indicator system covers all links and all energy loss nodes of the energy loss of the water injection system, thereby an evaluation model for influencing factors of energy consumption in water injection system based on entropy weight - grey correlation method was built. Use the entropy weight method to get the ranking of the importance of energy consumption indicators; use the gray correlation method to determine the correlation between each water injection system and energy consumption factors. The application results show that the entropy weight-grey correlation method proposed in this paper can effectively obtain the importance of the energy consumption factors of the oilfield water injection system, and provide scientific guidance for the daily management and targeted optimization of the water injection system.

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