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Practice and Analysis of Rural Planning and Design for the Integration of Agriculture, Culture and Tourism in the Context of Big Data

   | Apr 01, 2024


In the contemporary society of globalization and rapid information technology development, rural areas face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Rural planning and design are essential for regional economic development, cultural heritage, and ecological protection. As an innovative development model, integrating agriculture, culture, and tourism provides new ideas for rural revitalization. Big data technology can help analyze the countryside’s development potential more accurately and allocate resources more efficiently to promote the science and refinement of rural planning and design. This study establishes a GIS management system supported by geographic information data, uses Oracle database to manage spatial information and attribute information, and utilizes vector slicing technology and WebGL graphic rendering to achieve rapid rendering and diverse expression of maps. In creating an agricultural, cultural, and tourism integration index system, the entropy index method is used to assign weights to each index, and the coupling coordination degree model is set up. The coupling degree of Tibet’s agricultural, cultural, and tourism industry from 2011-2021 has increased from 0.219 to 0.769, and the coupling coordination degree has increased from 0.158 to 0.778, which shows an excellent upward trend. The study shows that big data technology can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of rural planning and design, and promote the development of agricultural, cultural, and tourism integration.

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