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Exploration of Innovative Development and Talent Digital Cultivation Path of Computer Specialties in Colleges and Universities

 and    | Apr 01, 2024


In the face of globalization and the rapid evolution of information technology, higher education, particularly in computer science, encounters both challenges and opportunities. This paper investigates strategies for fostering innovation and digital competency among university computer science students. Through an analysis of teaching methodologies across various institutions, student development, and industry collaborations, we propose a comprehensive educational framework. We evaluate and refine our student innovation ability assessment system by employing both quantitative and qualitative approaches, including the entropy weight method and gray correlation analysis. By updating curriculum content, prioritizing hands-on learning, and enhancing industry partnerships, we demonstrate a marked improvement in students’ programming and practical skills—showing 20% and 25% increases, respectively. Our findings advocate for a holistic revamp of teaching approaches, course material, and university-enterprise collaborations, aligning computer science education with the demands of the digital age.

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