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Spotlight on Controversy in Black Crime in America

 and    | Apr 01, 2024


The issue of crime within African American communities in the United States is both longstanding and multifaceted, attracting widespread attention and generating significant debate. This paper navigates through the complexities of this issue, critically examining diverse perspectives and contributing our analysis from three key dimensions. We explore the historical context of the War on Drugs and its disproportionate impact on African Americans, including the subsequent rise in mass incarceration. Additionally, we investigate the influence of mass incarceration on violent crime rates and the cultural phenomenon of the “Code of the Street” in African American neighborhoods. Furthermore, we argue for developing a distinct African American criminology to provide a more nuanced understanding of these issues. Our analysis goes beyond identifying structural disadvantages faced by African Americans, proposing a vision for resilience and moral resurgence amidst adversity.

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