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Modelling of Impulse Load Influence on the Stress State of Foam Materials with Positive and Negative Poisson’s Ratio


The influence of impulse load applied for different duration on the distribution of normalised dynamic radial stresses in positive and negative Poisson’s ratio medium was investigated in this study. For solving the non-stationary problem in the case of plane deformation for structurally inhomogeneous materials, the model of Cosserat continuum was applied. This model enables accounting for the influence of shear-rotation deformation of micro-particles of the medium. In the framework of Cosserat elasticity, on applying the Fourier transforms for time variable and developing the boundary integral equation method, solving of the non-stationary problem reduces to the system of singular integral equations, where the components that determine the influence of shear-rotation deformations are selected. The numerical calculations were performed for the foam medium with positive and negative Poisson’s ratio for different values of time duration of impulse. Developed approach can be used to predict the mechanical behaviour of foam auxetic materials obtained at different values of a volumetric compression ratio under the action of time variable load based on analysis of the distribution of radial stresses in foam medium.