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Near-Surface Mass Defect in Models of Locally Heterogeneous Solid Mechanics


This article deals with the model of the locally heterogeneous elastic body. The model accounts for long-range interaction and describes near-surface non-homogeneity and related size effects. The key systems of model equations are presented. From the viewpoint of the representative volume element, the boundary condition for density and the limits of applicability of the model are discussed. The difference of mass density in the near-surface body region from the reference value (near-surface mass defect) causes a non-zero stressed state. It is indicated on the strong dependence of the surface value of density from the curvature of the surface of thin fibres. The effect of the near-surface mass defect on the stressed state and the size effect of surface stresses have been investigated on an example of a hollow cylinder. Size effect of its strength has been studied as well.