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The Influence of Changes in the Geometry of the Tooth Surface of the Pinion Bevel Gear on the Kinematic Accuracy of Pair Mesh


The paper describes the possibilities of bevel gears kinematics design on the basis of the motion graph and improving modifications to cut the pinion teeth flanks. The result is the ability to increase the accuracy of the kinematic transmission. The issue of changing the geometry of the pinion gear is considered in respect of a gear intended for the use in aviation, which requires the cooperation of high quality meshing. The basic geometric features that have been modified include the profile angle, the angle of tooth line, crowning trans-verse and longitudinal and lateral surface twist angle of the tooth. The modification of each of the selected geometrical parameters has had a different effect on the chart of transmission. It has been shown that the effect of the intended changes in the geometry of the pinion may reduce the deviation of motion delays gear and an improve the gear transmission chart.