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Analysis of Non-Uniform Distribution of the Equivalent Stress by Selected Multiaxial Fatigue Criteria in Butt-Welded Joint


Welded joints are areas of increased stresses in construction. The reason for this phenomenon is associated with the nonhomo-geneous mechanical, structural and geometrical properties of the weld seams. Generally, in the majority of the calculation it is assumed that the shape of the weld is uniform over the entire length and it is not deviating from the theoretical one. This article shows the distribution of stress in the butt-weld made of S355J2+N steel specimens. The shape of a joint was transferred to the finite element analysis by application of 3D scanning. Selected multiaxial fatigue criteria and probability mass function were used for a description of the results. Theoretical model prepared for comparison to the scanned joints was consistent with recommendations of International Institute of Welding for the effective notch method.