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An Irrigation Homogenity Assessment of a Variable Rate Sprinkler Irrigation


Nowadays, the development of irrigation is increasingly recognized as a necessary factor in agriculture, primarily because of global warming. Depending on the field conditions, the most commonly used method is sprinkler irrigation. The spray uniformity of sprinklers installed on the field irrigation equipment can be characterized by the Christiansen-uniformity coefficient (CUc%) and the distribution uniformity coefficient (DU%). Our investigations were carried out on the lateral moving irrigation equipment of University of Debrecen, Institutes for Agricultural Research and Educational Farm and Nyírbátor’s company in Hungary in 2019. Variable rate irrigation (VRI) is used in Nyírbátor. In contrast, the VRI has given positive results, making an irrigation equipment with the VRI a safer and more uniform method than a conventional linear irrigation equipment.

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Industrial Chemistry, Green and Sustainable Technology