Open Access

Modeling the Shape of Wheat Kernels with the Use of Solids of Revolution

   | Aug 31, 2023


Numerical models approximating a kernel shape in wheat cv. Eta were developed with the use of a 3D scanner and applied to analyze selected geometric properties of wheat kernels. Geometric models were built in ScanStudio HD PRO, FreeCAD, and MeshLab programs. Ten geometric models describing the shape of wheat kernels were generated with the use of basic geometric figures and drawing tools in FreeCAD. The geometry of numerical models and geometric models was compared in GOM Inspect. The surface area, volume, and accurate geometric dimensions of the developed models were determined. Deviations in the dimensions of geometric models were mapped. The relative error of surface area measurements was the lowest in solid of revolution obtained by rotating a polygonal chain around an axis at 0.36%. The relative error of measurement reached 4.44% in sphere and around 5% in solid of revolution obtained by rotating two curves around an axis and solid of revolution obtained by rotating three curves around an axis. The relative error of volume measurements was the lowest in rotational ellipsoid (spheroid) and ellipsoid at 3.58% and 4.48%, respectively. The developed geometric models can be used in research and design.