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The Integration of Muscle Strengthening in the Improvement of Muscular and Technical Parameters of Young Footballers


The study aimed to evaluate the effect of an integrated muscle strengthening program on the improvement of muscular and technical parameters in young football players.

There were two objectives, scientifically to measure the impact of integrated muscle strengthening on young players, and practically to present an educational tool for coaches and students to understand this concept of training. To carry on this research, we proceeded to a development of the 8-week program applied to a sample of 24 well-trained players of the first division under 18 years. The hypotheses put forward, were confirmed through the educational intervention and the results obtained were significant. Our results have increased the importance of strength training integrated into the training of young footballers. The margin progress of the experimental group was significant compared to the control group, and the impact of this concept proved to be positive in the approach to the physical preparation of young footballers. It is recommended to pay attention to the concept of integrated muscle building, with all its technical components.

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